Book Review: Faster, Smarter, Higher: Managing your Career

Faster, Smarter, Higher: Managing your Career by Utkarsh Rai

I came to know this book from one my colleague and I was about to buy. All of a sudden I got a mail also from flipkart book review team to write a small post about this book on my blog, immediately I said “yes”.

If you are in the mid level in your career, I’m pretty sure you often face some issues in your growth and relationship maintenance with your fellow team members. Not only your team member, somebody like me who was into digital marketing, you interact more with other departments to get the things done on time. If it’s not on-time then obviously there will be friction occurs between you and the other team member. This book is all about the compilation of all such conversations and interactions you will have regularly with your juniors, seniors, managers and many more.

This book explains corporate relationship one by one. Right from the situation makes you felt awkward because of someone’s behavior and the organizational structure. You can’t expect everything in your way, especially if you are working as a team. You should be always be thoughtful before you speak or during any decision making process.

Overall it’s a worth book for everyone who wants to manage the relationships by using the strategic approach. I prefer everyone to read this book in you career, which really helps to improve the way think and talk with the fellow workers.

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