God Is A Gamer Book Review

God is a Gamer review

‘God is a Gamer’ Review

‘First Bitcoin Thriller‘ or the author of the book is referred to as ‘India’s No. 1 Thriller’ by Ravi Subramanian. Before reading this you should have idea about Bitcoins as the book doesn’t cover much information about bitcoins. Bitcoin is a new term especially for me but the term came into use by Satoshi in the year 2009. If you would have gone through the recent books of Ravi Subramanian you will get a hold out of it.

“God is a Gamer” book review

This book was published by Penguin India. Ravi Subramanian has always been famous for his thriller novels related to banking, online gaming, bitcoins, love and politics even this is not an exception.

The book plots multiple cities including Mumbai, Goa, New York, and Washington DC with multiple characters and parallel stories which are cleverly described which makes me to read more interestingly and simultaneously. Also has a small chapter which is very easy for readers like me.

This novel revolves around a politician, a gamer, a banker and a terrorist. The novel begins with the death of Gillian Tan in Washington DC. Swami the retail head of NYIB in Mumbai who is facing the phishing scam of 5 million dollars which was deducted from their depositor’s account of the bank. The problem is reported to the CEO and this where Malvika comes to the picture.

The death occurred in Washington DC and Nigerian phishing scam in NYIB bank and the story slowly revels the interconnection was brought to the light through various twist and tales. The story contains so many characters like Aditya, sundeep, Swami, Varun. But each charcter has its own importance and it can’t be left out while reading across multiple chapters.

Aditya and Sundeep were the partners who run a gaming company and they were associated with Swami and his bank. Varun is the only son of aditya is the one has great intelligence and a part-time drug dealer in Goa later turns the gaming companies’ fortunes around. Aditya is the one introduced to Tanya and she is none other than Malvika’s daughter.

Novel shifts its gears with the sudden death of Malvika. Tanya suspect she could have murdered during the police enquiry by kabir khan. This novel is a perfect combination of emotions which includes the meets of the returning son and he is one who saves the gaming company which is on the verge of collapse, Varun and Tanya who tries to find out their love.

The author has also been successful in pointing out the importance of social Medias and smart phones in the modern world either for personal or professional marketing. The novel should be a thriller for the new generation and a book with loads of information on the good and bad sides of electronic media and plastic money to the older generation of readers.

The main disadvantage of the book is you can predict the conclusion while reading 2/3 of the book. After this you will just read the further pages for just to finish of the book. Overall it’s a decent book which you can read once but it’s not must read one from Ravi Subramanian this time. It will keep you hold the book tightly until you gets finished reading it.




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