I watched you


The story so far…

  1. A Haunted Memory
  2. Three Strokes of Red
  3. The Red Saree
  4. Black Heart
  5. Who’s Next???
  6. #3 NUMB3RS!
  7. Will-O’-the-Wisp
  8. Resurrection

Sarvesh had the fright of his life on seeing Catherine. He could feel a lump in his throat. Though he did not want to pull in Catherine into the trap, she herself dragged in with the so called imaginary painting.

Now Prakash wanted to look into the painting book for clues.

The book was pretty old and seemed damaged. The papers looked sticky. The first page portrayed the heavily pregnant Lissy. Lissy’s brutal murder ran over Prakash’s mind that now made him misty-eyed. He took over his aviator to hide his expression. Prakash now looked too smart as an officer.

The book’s condition and the third picture were eerie. “Be careful sir, Roses should be red and all violets are not blue in my painting”, Prakash heard Catherine. Prakash had a brainwave. “What did you tell my dear and how did you know this?” Prakash asked. She replied it was all about the colours that she did not want to fade away and hence said this famous phrase.

There was some discussion going around Steven and Sarvesh meanwhile. When questioned, Steven said “it is a health check on the prisoner sir, nothing much. We would be the one held responsible for them right sir?”

Prakash’s brain banged too much on the wall, what does this girl’s imagination do with this case? What is there in next page of the painting book? Prakash’s mind was in a daze as  his mind sought answers to questions He was too stressed and was looking at the third side of that room.

His 145 $ Fossil watch (a special gift from Annie) was throbbing feebly to notify it is late. His watch a special make from the US, HNG glass that would show up your face rather than showing time. Its special nature was that it showed time only when you winked at it. It had a special sensor to sense eyes gazing over it. “Time is always precious”. He raised his watch to check the time and on the third second he said “Let’s move Steven, Get the girl” with a strong voice.

All the three were puzzled on this strong note. Steven became nervous asked “What happened sir?” Only a cryptic smile came as the reply. Sarvesh was thrown back into the prison and now the three left the place leaving the red chairs empty.

Steven could not control his anxiety out of fear and asked “did you find anything sir?” Prakash’s smile now dropped and he asked “Was Mary Sagayam that sexy Steve?” with a cunning smile. The girl could not control herself from stammering. Steven looked puzzled.

Prakash said –  Steven it is all going to finish, “Roses are red and violets aren’t blue when your body aches and your day ends where memories will be your only friends”.

You the third musketeer, let us finish this..!!!

And i tag Shreya Sudesh to take it forward….

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