Indian startup App helps track diabetes with smartphones.

BeatO Mobile App

India is not proud to be labelled as the diabetes capital of the world. Statistics indicate 62 million Indians are diagnosed with diabetes and experts reveal that there are almost an equal number that remain undiagnosed.

Diabetes is multifaceted. It has severe consequences causing blindness, foot amputation, heart disease, kidney and liver dysfunctions which arise due to unmanaged diabetes.

The endocrine condition is a physiological, psychological as well as financial burden to the individual.

India has lower obesity rates as compared to its European and American counter parts. Yet, we are most affected by diabetes. This is suggestive that lifestyle and environmental patterns have affected our metabolic structure causing diabetes at much lower BMI. In India as compared to Europe diabetes is diagnosed at much early age which is indicative of our cultural food habits along with increasing the sedentary lifestyle and chronic stress in our daily routine. Environment and pollution are also contributory factors in diabetes according to researchers. As a community we need to raise awareness about the importance of a balanced lifestyle as an important measure against diabetes.

The inception of BeatO team was done by three young entrepreneurs who are personally touched by diabetes. They have embarked upon themselves to educate the society regarding diabetes and all the associated risks and complications. They dedicatedly work closely with individuals with diabetes and help them to become compliant and in control of the condition. The team is able to achieve this engagement and involvement of individuals through the use of virtual technology; mobile application BeatO that actually trains the user to learn nutrition management and staying physically active through trackers. The application allows users to connect with their diabetes educators who hand hold them and guide them at every step.

The BeatO Application is android friendly and involves proactive interaction with diabetes educators and user. Chat enabled, the app allows user to select preventive as well as diagnostic check packages from BeatO partners. Investigation and second opinion is possible through doctors, ophthalmologist and podiatrist.  BeatO realizes the importance of making people understand the seriousness of diabetes as many individuals procrastinate or don’t take diabetes seriously until it is too late.

Diabetes does lead to vision loss, toe or foot amputation and stroke. Individuals are unaware of this possibility and BeatO mobile application is based on the objective to educate, engage, and empower individuals with diabetes, highlighting all facts related to diabetes. When you have access to credible information and experts who motivate and push you to take charge of your health, positive outcomes are bound to happen.

Gautam Chopra, CEO and Co-Founder of BeatO share insight that India incurs close to 10 billion dollars on diabetes related expenses. An individual with diabetes has to incur expenditure on ambulatory expenses such as diagnostics, physical examination and medications. Indian insurance companies do not cover most costs related to diabetes. Supportive team costs like diabetes educators may not be acknowledged by most insurance companies in India. This is quite a challenge for a community that is witnessing a diabetes epidemic.

Type 1 diabetes is all the more challenging for parents and the child. It requires lifelong management and the cost of insulin therapy is humongous. Ignorance and unawareness can complicate an already gruesome situation for the family.

This is where a convenient, accessible and affordable health manager is required and the BeatO app is just the one in role.

India is a digital force, heartfelt gratitude to our Prime Minister’s efforts of visualizing Digital India. BeatO team acknowledges the increasing demand of smart phones, mobile solutions and assisted technology in India which ensures convenient dissemination of diabetes related education. A witty and young team with firsthand knowledge on diabetes can create creative’s that increase social engagement with providers/educators to in turn drive up compliance and prevent or delay complications.

BeatO envisions huge cost reduction in burden that diabetes brings on our nation and to the individual due to apt awareness.

Diabetic retinopathy is the largest cause of blindness among Diabetics.

The tam at BeatO is committed to leverage technology and ensure best educational content that delivers comprehensive diabetes care, right at home.

BeatO is conceptualised by three first generation entrepreneurs who are determined to address loopholes and asymmetries in the chronic care space. With the advent of such a space in health care technology, diabetes care is certainly going to see a makeover. There will be a visible synchronistic team work of endocrinologist, diabetes educators, ophthalmologist, podiatrist, lab technicians and above all the patient with diabetes. With BeatO app, we see a gear shift change in manner diabetes self management is conducted with assurance of better as well as timely positive outcome. This is the first and one of its kind digital concepts with sole objective of diabetes management.

With BeatO, diabetes individual will now be motivated as challenged to take charge of:

  1. Maintaining a good glycolic control
  2. Keeping a check on blood glucose levels
  3. Optimum anti diabetic and insulin therapy
  4. Regular eye care check up
  5. Timely investigation of all blisters, bruises and cuts on foot and skin
  6. Nutrition maintenance and planning

With the BeatO app the patient and expert interaction is proactively guaranteed. This involvement is missing in a clinical set-up. Reminders, follow-up and query resolutions are integrated in the BeatO app services that make a huge difference in making chronic care fool proof.

Diabetes is a lifelong endocrine condition. It can be regressed but not completely reversed; hence, it requires long term and in most cases lifelong management. This is where BeatO team comes in!

Download the Android and IOS mobile app now!

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