Mobile Learning – Revolutionizing the Education Industry

Mobile Learning – Revolutionizing the Education Industry

Mobile devices have proliferated most of the aspects of our life. The way we work, we communicate and learn. The education industry has been revolutionized from being board based (CBSE, ICSE etc.) to a mobile learning aspect comprising of smart-phones and tablets. Earlier, people were a bit apprehensive of the impact of associating the learning facet with a device generally associated with fun, but as the utilitarian aspects of the device became clear students and teachers alike made their peace with it. Now mobile learning has evolved as an extremely useful platform that supports several forms of E-learning formats giving its users a variety of learning experience.

Below we will discuss some of the major benefits that mobile learning has brought with it:-

  • Flexibility of the learning experience – Earlier the content that students were used to studying was classroom or institute oriented. Having a mobile platform helps the students to access all of their course material at any point of time in the day, at any place. Where earlier the only method of learning was book learning, now the content is available in varied formats such as podcasts, graphic videos and various other formats. This flexible learning format helps the students to learn at their comfort and thus increases the comprehension capabilities.
  • Better retention rates due to completion of course material – Most of the time students are not able to stick with the bookish content at hand. This interruption in their study often causes a loss in understanding due to un-continuity. The learning carried out through the mobile learning platform aims to be engaging and causes students to understand these micro-doses of information and causes better “digestion” of course material.
  • Learning through online communications – Through the various social media outputs available many students learn on a platform where the to and fro interaction between various types of people cause their education. This community learning experience cause’s better comprehension as the content comes through a third person in a sociable manner without the stigma of so called studying attached to it.
  • Numerous devices that can be used – The various platforms that are available make it easier for the students to browse through various forms of content at any place at any point of time. Platforms such as personal computers, smart-phones and tablets help the students in learning numerous forms of content at numerous platforms.
  • Learning happens in a self paced manner – Each learner is an individual who has different paces to absorb and process the content served. The mobile learning industry helps students set a pace to their edification. A teacher can try in a class to give individual attention but it’s almost impossible due to the amount of students. These mobile learning platforms perform keeping the individual comfort of students in mind and thus they receive an unprecedented attention.
  • Learning combined with smart features – Smart-phones these days are equipped with several features such as organizers and reminders which when integrated with a mobile learning platform completely transforms the learning experience.

With the changing learning scenario of our modern world mobile learning is the next big boom towards, educating a population which not only has the theory down but also has a clear understanding of the concepts associated with it. Making people fall in love with learning along with providing basic information such as UPSC syllabus, IAS eligibility and previous years question papers is the main goal of most of the e learning companies out there.

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