Top 5 Apps for Alcohol Recovery

Top 5 Apps for Alcohol Recovery

Top 5 Apps for Alcohol Recovery

The number of technological options for people recovering from addiction has tremendously increased. Earlier if someone wanted information about addiction, the only source available was books. Now, with internet, there has been so much content available for people. In this era of digitalization, people spend most of the time in digital media as compared to any other medium. In fact, a large piece of the maximum time spent in the digital media is mobile time. Therefore, apps have now become a necessity for life rather a luxury. The benefits of the evolving technology are many, such as improved convenience and a new approach to problems.

The software applications available such as iPhone apps and Android apps have a number of alcohol addiction recovery apps. Here are top 5 apps available for recovery from alcohol addiction:

1. AlcoDroid Alcohol Tracker

AlcoDroid Alcohol Tracker helps to monitor alcohol consumption and calculates the blood alcohol content (BAC) on the basis of the reading. The app sets a limit of alcohol per day which is helpful for an individual who is trying to quit alcohol. Moreover, it can also track the amount of money the person saves by quitting alcohol.

The application also lets you view graphs and trends to understand your drinking behavior on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. The statistics can help you analyse your progress. It also helps you to set a drinking goal, say 12 beers a week; So that in the end, the user can check if he over passed the goal or not.Even though the app offers a good start to quit alcohol, it does not share any motivational texts or pictures for support.

The app is available in the Android Store for free.

2. Stop Drinking with Andrew Johnson

Andrew Johnson is a world known hypnotist and stress management specialist who with his app, helps people pass their alcohol cravings. Stop Drinking with Andrew Johnson is a software application that helps people to quit drinking through motivational and inspiring words.

Most of the reviews being positive about the success, this app helps to take control of life and quit alcohol.

It helps the listeners to relax and conquer the cravings for alcohol consumption. By providing resources to achieve positivity and a happy life, the application helps to break the negative habits. This motivational app uses hypnotherapy, relaxation and positive suggestions to achieve your goal.

The application is available on both, Android and iOS for the cost of $2.99.

3. Twenty-Four Hours a Day

Twenty-four Hours a Day is an application based on the book with the same name which sold over 10 million copies. The mobile app includes all kinds of prayers and thoughts from the book; also featuring the Twelve Steps guide.
The application works this way: The users can press “Today” button to receive the message that correlates to the exact day of the year or they can shake their mobile phone to read a random message.

It has special improvements ranging from videos and texts from the authors to motivate the user’s faith. The reason to make this app was to let individuals people use it when they need extra motivation.

The application speaks to a major support for individuals with alcohol consumption disorder and it’s accessible on both, Android and iOS, at costs of $3.99 from Google Play Store and $4.99 from iTunes.

4. Control Alcohol

Control Alcohol is an application founded by the renowned hypnotherapist, Darren Marks. The app contains audio files of hypnosis sessions that helps the user to enter in a meditation state. The users can also select a set of animation videos that can be run during the sessions. The files played during the hypnosis sessions helps to relax within 10 minutes. All the user has to do is to release the limiting beliefs and relax completely.

In fact, the app also contains video interviews of Darren Marks to help users overcome their cravings. Furthermore the author also provides advice to improve the users control towards alcohol consumption.

This app is designed to help alcohol addicts to realize when to stop drinking and set the limits. It not only works for people who want to reduce their alcohol consumption, but also helps people to quit drinking completely.

The app majorly works on all mobile operating systems: iOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry, etc. for a cost of $4.99.

5. 12 Steps AA Companion

Being one of the popular Android apps for members of this fellowship, 12 Steps AA Companion is based on the 12-Step Program, where each program is a stepping stone of success to recovery. The app is best suited for individuals who have attended Alcoholics Anonymous meetings and committed to achieve sobriety.

Along with sobriety calculator to track the progress, the app also provides the complete Big Book AA as a reference guide. Moreover, the daily prayers help you to stay sober and achieve the goal of sobriety.

In fact, it lets you connect with local meetings in case you are travelling to attend them and stay focused towards your goal.

The app is available in the Android Store for $1.99.

As people spend to spend most of the time on their mobile phones, these apps can be taken anywhere as they are more discreet in comparison to a recovery book. This will help the individual to have the resources handy and not worry about others opinion. Since cravings can appear anywhere, with the app in hand the individual will never run out of resources. They can keep a whole set of library full of recovery audios and written materials with them wherever they go.

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